Answers to your Question regarding -Moroccan Argana Hair Growth Oil 60ml

How’s everyone doing this fine Tuesday afternoon? Here at HQ we are very hyped and overwhelmed with love from receiving all your feedback regarding Moroccan Argana Hair Growth Oil 60ml. So first and foremost we’ll start off with;

Question 1. Can all genders use Moroccan Argana Hair Growth Oil?

Answer: Heaven’s YES! How could we have missed this! Tut Tut Tut. Your hair, his hair, babies hair; whichever the gender – Moroccan Argana Hair Growth Oil is all the same.

Question 2. How often can I use it?

Answer: However often you wash your hair and its squeaky clean. Be sure to always thoroughly wash out the shampoo from your hair; for maximum detox and repair velocity.

Question 3. Can I use this on my eyebrows?

Answer: Yes you can but be sure not to allow it into your eyes. Be sure to tame the growth.

Question 4. Can I get this oil in a bigger size?

Answer: We are working on it darlings. We’ll keep you posted. We have the Eco friendly bottle on sale and if you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll receive first hand news releases.

Question 5. Is it true that goats risk there lives by climbing the argana tree for its fruits?

Answer: Oh yes! We did the climbing just to bring it to you in a bottle. I think we deserve a high five.